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We operate in all segments of the real estate market, from residential, offices, retail and leisure. The real estate development and investment division has a value-driven, asset enhancing, creative viewpoint. Our portfolio consists both of small-scale and large-scale area developments, ranging far and wide from residential to commercial properties.

• We operate in all segments of the real estate market, from offices and retail to residential and leisure.
• Our investment management activities are carried out for investors who want to spread their property investments across residential and commercial or a combination of both.
• We offer a wide range of assistances from mortgages, project finance, construction finance and leasing arrangements to syndicated loans.
• Era Construction has carried out the construction of a 29 stories office tower, Era Business Center in the Diplomatic area and in proposal project to come – Aya Tower in Hoora.

The firm’s management style is pro-active and hands-on – driven by the desire to add value to every property. Era Real Estate is proud of its ability to find innovative solutions and profitable opportunities in today’s real estate market, while augmenting the urban living standards.

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